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The IT Sourcing Model Considerations

What is IT Sourcing and Why Is It Important? Strategic decisions for the IT service portfolio must include how the services will be executed operationally. This will lead to a d...


Customer Service in 21st Century

Customer Service in 21st Century Modern Era In the modern era we must understand both the customer experience and track the customer journey. Engagement with customers via the b...


How to Avoid and Prevent Email Phishing in Outlook

Here’s an email phishing scam that our own security team received themselves. Apart from some slightly clumsy wording (but when was the last time you received an email about a t...


A Guide To Enhance Your Business Productivity

What is Business Productivity? Concerns about productivity are certainly not new. We manage personal productivity every day. Worries about the tasks to be done and how to maximi...


Key Benefits for Business Assessments in 2020

What is an Assessment? Basically, an assessment is a knowledge tool. It enables you to learn about something and understand its nature or quality. Through understanding the curr...


Value Focused Decision Making

The Complexity of Decisions Have you ever made a decision which you later regretted? Everyone can identify with that feeling. However, let’s not lament over the “could have”, “w...