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Customer Service in 21st Century

Customer Service in 21st Century Modern Era In the modern era we must understand both the customer experience and track the customer journey. Engagement with customers via the b...


The Benefits of Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

What is OneDrive? When files are stored in the cloud, the internet is being used to save files to someone else’s servers in a remote location in data centers under the control o...


Business Email Compromise – What it is and how AI Technology can stop and detect fraud.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) It is a form of targeted phishing where attackers disguise themselves as senior executives to dupe employees into doing something they absolutely...


How to Avoid and Prevent Email Phishing in Outlook

Here’s an email phishing scam that our own security team received themselves. Apart from some slightly clumsy wording (but when was the last time you received an email about a t...


Cybersecurity Awareness and Tips

Cybercriminals Target the Weakest Link Cybercriminals are relentless. The more business protects themselves the more cybercriminals prey on that which the business cannot direct...


ProLock Ransomware Threat

ProLock ransomware – new report reveals the evolution of a threat Copyright AKAVEIL Technologies LLC all rights reserved Written by Paul Ducklin Let’s start at the very top of t...