4 Advantages of Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution

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Written by Mike Alan

What is Microsoft Azure? 

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. 

There are numerous advantages including: 

  • Reduce capital expenses for hardware 
  • Reduce operational costs for monitoring, maintenance, and support 
  • Does not require physical data center 
  • Consumption based billing 
  • Scalable and flexible environments for optimization and cost reduction 
  • Worldwide access (anytime, anywhere) 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

Designing a network for your business remains the same. The solution however will be built in the cloud using Microsoft Azure. The initial investment will be the professional services to design, migrate and/or implement the agreed environments. Once in place, the ongoing expenses are based on consumption. Meaning you pay for what you use. 

Hybrid Capability 

Should you move to the cloud or not? There is flexibility of choice based on your business requirements. Going to the cloud requires a strategic focus. What business capabilities are best to be on–premise now and what is best to migrate to the cloud now and in the future. 

Working with IT consultants who specialize in Azure will ensure options are well understood for informed and appropriate decisions. 

Cost Optimization 

When purchasing physical devices such as servers, switches, storage, and other on-premise hardware this is based on future growth for approximately the next five to seven years.

This means there is waste in underutilized resources in the early years and risk of unknown growth of the company in the future. These investments always have an end of useful life in which the cycle for more capital investment repeats. 

Why not keep it simple and save money? In the cloud model upon which Azure is based, resources are “right sized” to current needs ongoing. This flexible and elastic model of the cloud allows for scaling.

For example, processing cores, memory, and type or size of storage, can be adjusted ongoing as needed. Even if adjustments are only seasonal or temporary in nature, this ease of flexibility is a huge advantage.  

Security & Other Advantages 

As an Azure customer, remember, Microsoft is managing the data centers upon which your cloud environments rest. No more physical data center(s) and devices to manage for that which has been migrated to the cloud. 

You no longer worry about break-ins, alarm systems, rack space, temperature controls, power capacity, and people access for an on-premise data center. Onsite visits to manage physical devices are eliminated. 

In addition, the Microsoft Azure data centers are redundant across multiple locations for high availability design which protects your business from hardware failures. 

The Bottom Line 

Modern business requires modern solutions. It’s not a matter of if you will use the cloud, it’s when and how to better enable your business with cloud solutions.

Learn how to maximize investments, reduce capital and operational costs, and save on consumption. Compare and contrast the return on investment with a capable IT services team. 

AKAVEIL Technologies is a Microsoft partner with skilled engineers in the Microsoft Azure platform. We work directly with each business as a trusted advisor to assess and recommend the best fit solutions now and scalable into the future. Remain competitive and grow your business with AKAVEIL via the cloud. 

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