A Guide To Enhance Your Business Productivity


Enhance Your Business Productivity

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Written by D. Gowen

What is Business Productivity?

Concerns about productivity are certainly not new. We manage personal productivity every day. Worries about the tasks to be done and how to maximize our time are ongoing. Whether you are driving to appointments, grocery shopping, visiting friends, exercising, cooking, cleaning, reading, studying, caring for family and so forth; there is always more to be done.

This often called “to do list” may be written, mental or a combination. Some activities are planned, and others arise in the moment. However, the “to do list” will always exist as it is never ending based on multiple variables.

In business productivity these concepts are equally true and are at the heart of strategic, tactical and operation plans. Serious consideration of how to maximize utilization of time and workforce weighed against the workload to provide high levels of efficiency and effectiveness are what makes a business run.

Much research and many business techniques exist to manage and improve productivity. At a very high level, running a business is an invisible system of elements coming together. For now, let’s only focus on the relationship between process and technology.

Business Process

Processes are invisible mini business systems contained within an organization. Every department or aspect of work within your business fits into one or more processes. Each process has an objective, activities, and procedures to be followed to achieve its results. Each process requires inputs to performs its work to produce its outputs. Processes should be consistent, repeatable, managed, and improved. Which means they should be optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.

Process Complexity

Some common business processes might be related to sales, marketing, finance, warehousing, customer service, service delivery, and/or others depending on the type of the business. A few examples of activities and procedures may be processing orders, attending meetings, producing payroll, processing payments, stocking shelves, producing quotes, updating a website, communicating with customers, provisioning a service.

One or more activities and processes may interrelate and share various inputs and outputs making business productivity an intricate and complex web to understand.

Identifying and managing processes is at the heart of running a successful business. Process engineering enables a business to bring the invisible to a tangible level of understanding. To enable process requires either people to perform the work and/or other resources including technologies.

Simplify and Automate

Automation is the use of technologies to enable business work. Often internet, network, databases, servers, computers, configurations, software products and cloud are involved. The key to the right solution depends on the business model and processes.

In other words, begin with the end business needs and workflows, then identify the right technologies for the right reason for optimal success. Start with the business process to understand what needs to be accomplished. Simplify process to eliminate unnecessary work (waste), then automate. This means doing the same work that needs to be done in less time and with the right results.

By identifying what to automate, people’s time frees up to maximize their productivity. The people in your business can then be leveraged to innovate, analyze, plan, and improve. Further, people are necessary to build and maintain relationships, engage with customers, and make decisions.

The Bottom Line

Productivity improvements are driven by the need to produce more work in less time without sacrificing results. The solutions are heavily dependent on process improvement and automation. Basically, assign the right resource to the right task for the right reason.

When a business invests in technologies, the focus must be on their business first and what problems need to be solved. What are the challenges and concerns? Where and how should productivity be improved? Ultimately, decreased time and effective resource allocation means money saved!

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