Best Document Comparison Software for Lawyers

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As a legal professional, you know how important it is to have accurate and error-free documents. The best document comparison software for lawyers offers efficient comparisons using Microsoft Office, Diffchecker, and Simuldocs, making it easier to draft and finalize contracts, briefs, and other legal documents. With software like Workshare Compare, legal professionals can easily compare […]

How Law Firms Increase Productivity

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What happens when you become more productive? Everyone knows that means you get more done in the same amount of time. There’s a popular phrase, “time is money” and if any industry understands the importance of that phrase, it’s the legal industry! After all, attorneys increase their revenue when they have more billable time. How […]

Digital Transformation – New Technologies to Improve Processes


Copyright AKAVEIL Technologies LLC all rights reserved Written by D. Gowen Business and IT Cadence There is no refuting, the internet has forever changed the way we live, work and conduct business. Innovation has brought the IoT (Internet of Things), digitally enabled services and organizations that are digitally transformed. This means conducting business in significantly […]