How does a vCIO help and does your company need a vCIO

How does a vCIO help

The digital transformation evolution of business today, means IT is one of the most crucial components that power your business. Nearly 40% of cyber-attacks happen on small businesses, a sharp increase from the 18% in 2011. Given the threat all businesses face, the small to medium sized are at a much higher risk. Technologically speaking, […]

Effective Project Management Improves Project Success

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IT project success can be just as likely as failure the numbers attest. The cost of unsuccessful implementation of IT projects is estimated to be $260 billion in 2020 in just the US, according to BCG. According to a McKinsey report 45% of projects run over budget, 7% run over schedule and 56% deliver less […]

Data Analytics to Drive Successful Business Outcomes

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Authored by: Team AKAVEIL Data-based or data-backed decisions are the only type of informed decisions business leaders should make. Otherwise, it is just an assumption or a hunch. Data measurement is the means to quantify and track the progress made on targets and goals and by extension, the means to improve the plans to reach […]