Managing Your Microsoft Licenses Effectively and Easy

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Managing Your Microsoft Licenses

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Written by D. Gowen

Microsoft Licenses

Microsoft offers various business licenses for its products. Products include Windows, Microsoft 365 (Includes Office-365), Dynamics 365, Intune, phone, and others. Within each product there are various levels of licensing. Understanding both will benefit your organization for best fit and function.

Similar to categories of meals listed on a restaurant menu, it is important to understand the ingredients and combinations of what is being ordered. With software licenses, what your business needs and what is included in each type of license ordered should be appropriately matched. This will enable a best fit and cost optimized set of choices. Everyone in an enterprise may not require the exact same type of license. The analysis to make the best decision possible can be complex and confusing.

Identifying the Right License

Depending on the nature of work being performed by a user and the goals and objectives of the organization, decisions need to be made on what levels of licensing to obtain. In-house IT staff or consultants may be relied on who have up to date knowledge about the Microsoft offerings.

License Considerations

  • What standard applications are needed and by whom?
  • Do you need applications installed or hosted?
  • Do you need the Power Apps?
  • Do you need special applications like MS Project, Dynamics, Power BI, etc.?
  • Will you require email?
  • If so, what size of mailbox, archiving requirements, etc.?
  • Do you require eDiscovery for your email, files, etc.?
  • How do staff collaborate on files?
  • Do you require hosted storage (Business OneDrive / SharePoint)?
  • How much storage capacity do you require?
  • What Operating Systems are you currently running (desktops, servers, etc.)?
  • What Operating Systems do you require (desktops, servers, etc.)?
  • Is software assurance a viable option for you?
  • Are you using or interested in Microsoft Voice?
  • How many users are you licensing (business vs. enterprise)?

By understanding what is needed, the possibilities to scale, and what is included in each license plan, your business will be best served.

Management and Optimization

Based on the answers to many questions, selecting the appropriate Microsoft licenses to purchase sets your business on the path of productivity and success. As your business uses its Microsoft products, analytics are captured within the tools. This information can show what features and products are being used by each user, to what extent and if license revisions are indicated. Business change such as growth, relocation, staff changes within an organization are some examples to trigger license reviews.

Often these reviews enable an organization to save money because they were paying for license types or features that are not being utilized. Also, to apply an improved capability to better serve that user in their work. Both benefit the organization.

Therefore, those who are proficient in Microsoft products and licensing need to be assessing the business needs regularly to ensure proper alignment in Microsoft licenses.

The Bottom Line

All businesses are living entities thus strategies, products and services may evolve. Microsoft is a progressive company that enhances and improves its products regularly, may modify its licensing structure and improve features to keep its portfolio current for its clients. Who is watching your Microsoft license types and usage?

AKAVEIL Technologies welcomes in house IT professionals to contact us for further information. We are industry experts who offer consulting, design, implementation, maintenance, and support services.  We can partner together at any level necessary to improve your business in the achievement of its goals.

If you do not have any in house IT team, please contact us to analyze your needs, offer solutions and perform the set of services desired.

AKAVEIL Technologies is a Microsoft partner with experience and understanding of the various products and license plans. We work directly with each business as a trusted advisor to assess and recommend the best fit now and scalable into the future. Remain competitive and grow your business with AKAVEIL.