Microsoft Intune Management Extension: PowerShell Scripts Guide

Microsoft Intune Management Extension is a crucial component of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, simplifying the installation and management of Win32 apps and services for Windows 10 configuration policies. This Intune Management Extension empowers organizations to seamlessly execute scripts on Windows 10 devices, enabling them to efficiently configure settings, perform various tasks, and manage Win32 apps through […]

Cloud Based Legal Case Management Software for Law Firms

Case management

Introduction: Understanding the Need for Cloud-Based Legal Case Management Software In today’s digital era, the legal industry is embracing technology to streamline and enhance its operations. One such innovation that has gained significant traction is cloud-based legal case management software. This introduction explains the necessity for this powerful software solution and its many benefits for […]

Cybersecurity 101: Best Practices You Need to Know Protect Your Digital Assets


Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and sensitive information from theft, damage, or unauthorized access. It is a critical aspect of modern-day life as we increasingly rely on technology for our daily activities. Information security is a subset of cybersecurity that focuses on protecting digital data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, […]

Cybersecurity Awareness and Tips

Cyber security

Copyright AKAVEIL Technologies LLC all rights reserved Written by D. Gowen Cybercriminals Target the Weakest Link Cybercriminals are relentless. The more business protects themselves the more cybercriminals prey on that which the business cannot directly control – the behaviors of people! Business must invest in ongoing cybersecurity awareness and end-user training to ensure even this […]

ProLock Ransomware Threat

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ProLock ransomware – new report reveals the evolution of a threat Copyright AKAVEIL Technologies LLC all rights reserved Written by Paul Ducklin Let’s start at the very top of the ransomware dilemma. Should you ever pay blackmail money to ransomware crooks? As you can imagine, law enforcement and government bodies around the world regularly say, […]

Servers at risk from BootHole bug

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Servers at risk from BootHole bug – what you need to know Copyright AKAVEIL Technologies LLC all rights reserved Written by Paul Ducklin Another month, another BWAIN! That’s our tongue-in-cheek name for a cybersecurity vulnerability that not only gets assigned an identifier like CVE-2020-10713, but also acquires an impressive name plus a jaunty logo (and even, […]

Why You Need a Firewall? Here’s What You Should Know!

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Written by D. Gowen  Attacks on home networks are currently increasing during the coronavirus pandemic due to unprotected networks. Most individuals do not understand the importance of a firewall or what it does. A firewall sits between the end user and the open internet. All traffic is flowing in and out without any criteria for […]