Top Five Managed IT Companies for Law Firms

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When it comes to conquering your law firm challenges with technology solutions, how do you ensure the selection you make will serve you best? The many options indicate the task is tedious, time consuming and downright overwhelming. Some IT product and service providers have specializations which means you will almost always need to hire and work with more than one vendor to cover all your business needs. For example, your internet service provider, your legal software and document management companies, network, cybersecurity, desktops, laptops, printers/copiers, audio visual and conference rooms, email, productivity software, maintenance and support will likely involve multiple vendors.

Who on your team will have the knowledge and expertise to select and manage multiple vendors? Small to medium sized law firms often do not have any in-house technology expertise or staff. Even when a legal practice has grown larger and it employs one or more IT professionals, even internal IT staff will need to interface with external providers for various reasons. Our top-rated IT service provider makes the cut for their comprehensive ability to be effective with any technology landscape, your preferred legal software choices and manage the multi-faceted vendor products and relationships, so you stay focused on helping your clients.

Read on for a head start on research tasks for the top five managed IT companies for law firms!

AKAVEIL Technologies, Inc.

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AKAVEIL is at the top of the list as an IT managed service provider (MSP) serving law firms. They pride themselves as great listeners to assess your current challenges, justify new solutions only when beneficial and will maintain your daily operations. They have developed a “5 Pillar Success Formula” as their best practice which covers strategic alignment with your business goals, tactical project management for improvements and day to day maintenance and support. All of which is based on simple budget friendly fixed pricing without confusion or surprises. Services include multi-vendor management for end-to-end seamless integration across any other product and software vendors who are a part of your technology ecosystem.

Team AKAVEIL has decades of experience in IT leadership, legacy and modern cloud technologies, plus they keep current with what’s on the horizon. They are innovative thinkers for the legal industry in cloud technology integration and automation. They assess your current technologies, could seamlessly step in today to start where you are, as well as migrate your solutions now and ongoing for continual improvement. The right solution for the right reason in the right time is AKAVEIL’s virtual CIO (vCIO) strategic approach. They even have in-house attorney consultancy on the team.

AKAVEIL maintains its customers’ current technology ecosystems with an eye towards the future. They leverage Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure as your law firm becomes ready for more modernization. The mission at AKAVEIL is lasting human relationships for impeccable customer care. They believe technologies are the means to enhance your competitive advantage. Yet, it’s the people who ultimately determine the value realized, thus AKAVEIL prides itself as good listeners and emphasizes a customer service culture above all else!

LawTech Partners

Business partners Adriana Linares and Liz McCausland are the business LawTech Partners. With their vast experience in the legal profession and Liz being a lawyer herself, they help law firms bridge the gap between operational success and software/document management technologies. Besides what software and systems you already have, it is critically important that your team is comfortable using and exploiting its features. LawTech Partners offer law practice management consulting and legal technology consulting with a heavy focus on technology training. These business partners are seasoned and recognizable legal and technology industry speakers with platforms at conferences, webinars and podcasts. Other services include Clio consulting, NetDocuments consulting, Bar Association programs and speaking services at your meetings and events.

LawTech Partners specialize in working with lawyers and law firms to select and implement traditional and legal-specific software such as document management systems, practice management systems and common desktop software.

Uptime Legal Systems

Uptime Legal Systems is a company offering law firms cloud-based solution packages. The “Uptime Practice” moves your legal practice into the cloud. Cloud solutions allow attorneys and staff to work anytime from anywhere. The “Uptime JurisPage” solution is for law firm marketing to help ambitious law firms attract new clients with SEO, Google Ads, Website Design, and Content Marketing. In addition, the “Uptime LexWorkPlace” is their modern document and email management solution. Pricing is based on number of users, products selected, and initial costs of onboarding. Depending on the product(s) purchased and the level of the product, some other inclusions may be Microsoft office and email, cloud storage, IT support and security. Uptime Legal Systems products are proprietary in-house developed, maintained and supported and other expanded services they offer include the cloud infrastructure upon which they run.


Afinety is an IT managed service provider (MSP) of AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud-based legal IT solutions. They possess an abundance of expertise in law firm industry applications and legal practices. They are an iManage partner therefore promoting iManage Work 10 software services for law firm email and document management. Business continuity and disaster recovery are a keen focus of their services. The Afinety Cloud Platform is designed to drive productivity, improve profitability, and deliver performance, its cloud-based legal IT solution was built with law firms in mind.

REKALL Technologies

REKALL Technologies is one of many other IT managed service providers (MSP). They work with law firms, accounting, finance, construction, trade, medical and all industries. They offer all the standard services like any technology service provider to include infrastructure, cloud-based solutions, security and support. Their pricing is based on four different plans with various combinations of inclusions and scalable pricing per user. This is a service focused pricing model. Be sure to understand exactly what is included and excluded with each plan to avoid confusion and additional unforeseen costs. REKALL include technical descriptions in their web’s service listings which are sensible if you are an IT specialist.

Note that their cloud-based platform is their own REKALL private cloud-based solution. This could be appealing, yet it promotes vendor lock-in. Whereas public cloud platforms like Microsoft, Google or AWS can be managed by any capable IT service provider without an expensive new migration to make that happen.

Final Thoughts On The Best Managed IT Companies For Law Firms

To find the best managed IT company to fit your law firms needs, we suggest talking to a few of the recommendations on this list to learn more about what they have to offer and get a feel for how they operate. The bottom line, you need to be comfortable and fully understand exactly what each IT service provider does and doesn’t do. Law firms experience business challenges which need to be understood by any IT service provider(s) you choose. Those who are excellent will build a relationship, speak plainly about technology, answer all your questions, offer fair simple realistic pricing, make your onboarding seamless and keep your business running even while it is embracing change. If you’re ready to explore technology service providers, please contact us today to build a relationship and benefit from our free legal technology assessment!