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Is your law firm purchasing technology, but failing to extract the value out of it to drive firm efficiencies? Is your firm struggling to even pick out what software you can use to make your team work more effectively? Are you tired of your new employees getting blocked by password issues, wi-fi connectivity issues, remote desktop connections, missing software, or broken laptops? Chances are you’re missing out on the support you need and AKAVEIL can help.

With AKAVEIL You Get


Our vCIOs partner with your executive and leadership team to develop an IT strategy and ensure your firm's success.


Password resets, app installs, connectivity troubleshooting, and coverage of all the day to day IT issues that slow down your team.


Expand the capability of your IT team with an outsourced 24/7 helpdesk. Let internal IT rescources focus on more value added tasks.


Proactive management of your IT infrastructure, to keep operations running smoothly, defend against attacks, and increase staff satisfaction.


Changes are inevitable. Our comprehensive success formula allows for continuous improvement in order to remain competitive.

We Know Legal And UnderstandYour Business

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At AKAVEIL Technologies we take immense pride in our legal sector expertise. We have a bird’s eye view of the industry and can make recommendations for software, hardware, and technology strategies that can help drive firm value and bring order to the chaos of working a higher caseload. Leverage AKAVEIL’s numerous industry partnerships with major software vendors to get the right technology stack in place.

On top of our legal sector knowledge, we know how to best leverage industry-agnostic tools in the Microsoft ecosystem to help your staff get more organized and collaborate more effectively with increase mobility. Our cloud based technology solutions all your team to work from anywhere seamlessly.

Leverage Our Vendor Partnerships

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Services and products in the right combination at the right time for the right reason equals success!!

Assessment + Strategic Planning + Alignment + Execution = ROI

We’ve spent countless hours curating a roster of vendor partners, both legal specific and industry agnostic.  AKAVEIL is standing by to deliver robust technology solutions for your firm. You can’t beat our managed IT support for law firms.

Get Access To Our
Managed IT Support Services

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Customer Support Portal

Customers benefit from our automated business interface to place support requests, check status, monitor invoices, make payments, and produce documentation. During the customer onboarding process your identified contacts will receive access and training for our cloud portal to interface with AKAVEIL in an efficient and effective manner.


AKAVEIL's 24/7 Service Desk is a core part of the managed IT support we provide for law firms. Expanding your teams capacity to 24/7 availability and the ability to support a global workforce is a key driver of MSP value. Call anytime of day with IT support issues from password resets, to connectivity troubleshooting, to application installs and get a tech assigned to work your tickets until completion.

NETWORK Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring and reporting of all devices including patch management is our priority. Your network is more than computers and smartphones. Your network information management should be too. Network infrastructure is the powerhouse gear that keeps the whole operation running. If something goes wrong with an infrastructure device, the whole network can go down. At AKAVEIL we use software to monitor your network devices and proactively address issues before they result in business disruptions.


Learn how to transform your voice systems to modern capabilities. Cost savings and integrated solutions with existing and other digital technologies will enhance productivity in your business. AKAVEIL offers full implementation of VoIP and management. Implement the softphone, routing, and transfer capabilities needed to support robust communications within your firm.


A “disaster” simply refers to a complete halt of most or all of your line of business systems simultaneously. We leverage market leading BCDR software solutions and apply them to protect data, critical apps and systems; ultimately protecting the business and facilitating continuity of operations. When things are running smoothly we still conduct regular disaster recovery exercises to validate performance against a recovery time objective.


Although digital transformation is the new norm, print services are still a necessity in the legal field. No hassle, fully supported, toner, parts, no purchase of equipment, and consumption based billing. Less stress with increased reliability.


Many firms aren't well equipped to manage a portfolio of software vendors and find this one of the most valuable components of our managed IT support for law firms. Our vendor management offering is designed to support the delivery of services offered within your environment by third party vendors. Our vendor management team allows us to bring a disparate set of vendors under a common set of management best practices for seamless accountability.

MAnaged Cloud

With today's distributed teams and offices, the cloud offers a number of benefits, including scalability, resiliency, security, and flexibility. AKAVEIL helps law firms build and manage cloud infrastructures to store and manage data, provision virtual desktops, and virtualize hardware like servers and firewalls.

Managed Cybersecurity

You may be an expert in prosecuting hackers, but that doesn't mean you're an expert in defending against them. AKAVEIL helps protect and secure your business from cyber threats. Don't let your data be held ransom, put the cyber security measure in place to stay protected in today's ever more volatile world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Service Providers, or MSPs provide fully managed or co-managed IT support solutions.  You pay a monthly fee for an outsourced IT department with a range of capabilities and 24/7 availability. AKAVEIL Technologies provides managed IT support for law firms.

MSP services are priced in a variety of ways depending on the specific client’s requirements.  Pricing typically ranges from $125-$250 per user or per managed device per month.  Contact us to learn more.

For firms with 20+ employees, outsourcing IT to a managed IT service provider is a sensible choice with a lot of advantages.  Firms can save 25-75% off the cost of hiring an equivalent in-house IT team depending on size and gain access to 24/7 support. Partnering with an MSP like AKAVEIL can quickly modernize your firm and make you competitive in the market with regard to technology capability.

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Partner with AKAVEIL Technologies and begin the process of migrating your firm to the cloud and getting the technical support and IT infrastructure you need to position your firm for success. Dozens of law firms have already chosen AKAVEIL Technologies as their managed IT support provider. Join them in writing the next chapter of their firm’s history as you complete your digital transformation.

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The AKAVEIL team have been responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. We began using their services at the beginning of the pandemic and with their help, upgraded and modernized our office. We are much more flexible and prepared now for the future. A large part of that was made possible by AKAVEIL. After helping us modernize our systems, we have continued to use their services for ongoing maintenance and security. AKAVEIL's rates are fair and reflect the quality of their work.
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