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Ransomware Attacks in Healthcare: Security Tips to Secure Your Organization’s Data

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put cyberattacks on healthcare providers into hyperdrive. Factors contributing to such attacks include, but aren’t limited to: Decentralized busines...


Secure Your Accounts Using App-Based Authentications

In my blog Your Pa$$word doesn’t matter (, I laid out the key pass...


Phishing tricks – the Top Ten Treacheries of 2020

Sophos Phish Threat, in its own words, is a phishing attack simulator ( – it lets your IT department send realistic-looki...


Russian cybercrime suspect arrested in $1M ransomware conspiracy

Here’s a cybercrime conspiracy story with a difference. When we write about network-wide ransomware attacks where a whole company is blackmailed in one go, two burning questions...


Business Email Compromise – What it is and how AI Technology can stop and detect fraud.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) It is a form of targeted phishing where attackers disguise themselves as senior executives to dupe employees into doing something they absolutely...


Cybersecurity Awareness and Tips

Cybercriminals Target the Weakest Link Cybercriminals are relentless. The more business protects themselves the more cybercriminals prey on that which the business cannot direct...